About Us

AlexonIT was created to deliver company game-changing software solutions and world class information security practices for today's business. AlexonIT inc was founded in 1996 in London, England, operating as Alexon Computer Systems Ltd. After relocation of the principles to the United States, the company was re-incorporated in the United States in 2005. AlexonIT continues to develop technology skills for today's market.

Denise Alexander - President - Cybersecurity Specialist

Educated in Great Britain with diverse extensive experience in the Information Security field from both sides of the world. Employed as a graduate Intern for a Scottish Bank after College, Denise advanced in the Information Security field to become a Senior Leader for a top 10 Global Financial Institution. Throughout her career both in leadership positions and project management, she has focused on the application of cybersecurity solutions for the Banking Industry, Credit Card Security (PCI), and Insurance products, with specialization in Audit, Regulatory Compliance, and Data Privacy, as well as non-financial industry experience.

A problem solver and lateral thinker with strong technical skills and a passion for results, facilitating the translation of conceptual ideas into game changing, risk mitigating strategic Information Security solutions for complex business processes and profits. Specializing in building quality relationships with senior executives, application and technical project teams as well as non-technical stakeholders as required. Able to create and implement visionary leadership, translating a technical direction into actionable plans, roadmaps to success, with clearly defined goals and objectives.

Denise holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of London. Today she continues additional post graduate education including GCHQ accredited certifications and other skills as dictated by industry standards. Denise is sited on two United States Patents in the field of Access Control and Password Management and continues to develop additional products.

She holds dual citizenship in the United States and Great Britain, and is experienced in international travel, able to represent your business needs as needed.

Kevin Alexander - CTO - Product Development Manager

As a dual citizen with strong technical IT experience from both sides of the Atlantic, Kevin brings over 30 years of software development leadership covering all major client, server and mainframe environments to his clients. Initially employed by a leading UK Financial Institution, Kevin advanced in his field while consulting for a variety of Global Investment Banks and Financial Groups; one of the largest Electric Power Holding Company in the United States as well as smaller privately owned corporations including Biotech, Manufacturing, and Human Resourcing. Throughout his career he has provided technical leadership, consultation, support and development for a variety of projects covering all phases from inception to market.

Kevin has extensive software development experience utilizing almost every software language and platform in the commercial market place from the early 90’s. He has a strength in seeing the big picture, not just the project in hand. Kevin has a passion for results that fulfill the clients needs and requirements, listening to the client to ensure the solution provided is the best fit taking into account marketability, budget and industry relevance.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Greenwich.